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A meaningful conversation with a fellow entrepreneur Gabe Ratliff who empowers others by amplifying their voice to the world. Check out    Artful Entrepreneur    for awesome stories of entrepreneurship, grit, hustle, and creativity.

A meaningful conversation with a fellow entrepreneur Gabe Ratliff who empowers others by amplifying their voice to the world. Check out Artful Entrepreneur for awesome stories of entrepreneurship, grit, hustle, and creativity.

My interest in the visual arts started when I was very young. I always enjoyed expressing my thoughts and feelings through drawings. In kindergarten, I told my mother I wanted to quit because my teacher would "correct" my drawings and force me to draw the way she saw appropriate. As a 5 year old, I didn't know what creative freedom was but I knew someone was forcing me to do something I didn't agree with. All I knew was that I wanted to do things my way. This made me a very difficult child but no one would have known that this would come in handy for me later in life as an entrepreneur.

I have been working in the fields of strategy, design, branding, marketing, web, user experience, and business development since the mid 90's. During my corporate career, I have worked in various capacities; research, analysis, strategy, design, creative direction, sales, production, project management, account management, and team development.

In 2004, while completing my MBA program at University of Colorado Denver, I wrote a business plan as a course project and competed in the annual business plan competition hosted by the UCD business school entrepreneurship center. The business plan was based on the concept of personal branding - a business model providing various services and products designed to build and refine its clients' personal brands. The plan was awarded with the 1st place honor and I began executing the plan while I was finishing up the last semester of my graduate program. MetroBoom, the Personal Branding Center opened its door in 2005. While I still manage all facets of MetroBoom's operation with the help from my devoted staff, my main focus has shifted to consulting our clients to effectively manage their personal brands.

I also maintain my consulting practice for corporate clients on their business strategy, organizational culture development, and corporate brand needs. My corporate clients vary from global Fortune 500's to local start-ups and from high-tech to non-profits.

As a professional speaker, I work with companies in various industries to empower their employees on refining their own personal brands and build value-driven organizational culture through key notes, seminars, and workshops.  I developed numerous key notes and programs on personal branding for modern professionals. One of my main key notes is titled “Discover Your North Star: Using Personal Brand Identity and Passion to Find Success” which is designed to provide guidance and tools for professionals on their journey to identifying their passion, goals, and brand identity. I also share my message with college students on campuses across the country. The key notes and seminars I share with students are more focused on overcoming the challenges the students face in the uncertain real world that is waiting for them after graduation. By leveraging the principles of personal branding, the students learn how to develop strategic plans for their academic, professional and personal goals in life. For various special interests groups on campus, I developed programs that address various diversity issues; race, culture, gender, socio-economic, sexual orientation, etc... One of my favorite programs is designed for Asian-American professionals and students, which showcases the achievements of Asian-Americans throughout history, strategies on combating racial stereotypes, and the unique strengths Asian-Americans possesses.

At University of Colorado Denver, I teach undergraduate and graduate level classes on marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal branding for the Professional MBA, 1-Year MBA, and Executive MBA programs at the school of business and entrepreneurship center. I also serve as an advisory board member at Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Denver.

As Expert-in-Residence at CERI, Centre for Entrepreneurial Research & Innovation in Perth, Australia, I had the pleasure of teaching a cohort of PHDs, PHD students, scientists, and aspiring entrepreneurs on the subjects of entrepreneurial mindset, lean start-up, core value-driven team formation, and personal brand management.

At Johnson and Wales University Denver campus, I taught on the subjects of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, and fashion merchandising to the undergraduate and MBA students.

I have been blessed to have my work and passion perfectly align. The field of strategy offers both analytical challenges and creative outlets for me to exercise both sides of my brain. I am truly passionate about creating strategic solutions that are meaningful, measurable and value-driven for businesses, communities, and people.


: Consulting

: Teaching

: Speaking

: Coaching

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: MBA - University of Colorado Denver [Denver]

: BFA Communication Design - Parsons School of Design [NYC]

: Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts [NYC]



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