How to build an effective and cohesive team culture based on core values.

While every organization may have core values displayed, often they are merely groupings of fancy words with no applicable meanings or realistic methods of measure. The core values must be defined, practiced, measured, and refined by everyone on the team. This program demonstrates how to define and operationalize your core values throughout your organization. Learn how to leverage your core values to attract, recruit, engage, and retain talented team members. It is critical for all organizations to develop and uphold their core values in their daily operations. However, there is an immense gap between crafting fancy core values without fully integrating them into the operational model to ensure that the core values are truly practiced throughout the organization. This can have especially detrimental outcomes for start-ups as small organizations often lack the required resources. This program demonstrates how various types of organizations can build effective and efficient team, culture, and operation based on core values.

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