Connecting the Yellow Dots: Asian-American empowerment through incorporating the past, present, & future.

Do we know where we come from? Why are we where we are in the present? Where are we going in the future? As Asian-Americans, we often struggle with our identity. Trying to bridge the gaps in culture, philosophy, generation, language, and value can feel overwhelming. Whether you are a 4th generation Asian-American or a FOP (Fresh-Off-the Plane, formerly known as FOB: Fresh-Off-the Boat), we are often judged by stereotypes formed generations ago. How do we build an authentic sense of confidence as Asian-Americans that transcends the stereotypes and align our own personal values with the rich historical cultural and family values we inherited? This program shares the historical journey of our ancestors in America, their struggles and sacrifices that made it possible for us to enjoy the privilege we have today. This program also reminds us to pave the way for our future Asian-Americans just as our ancestors have by overcoming the challenges we face today. It is our mission, responsibility, and blessing to collectively and individually build a brighter future for Asian-American community.

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