What is your ROI for life?

CEOs are in charge of making strategic decisions to build success in corporations. One of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to measure CEOs’ performance is Return On Investment (ROI) with regard to long-term investments on the sustainable success of the company. Nobody is more qualified than you to serve as the CEO of your life. How do you define success? How do you measure success? Are satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness included in your success criteria? As the CEO, you are in charge of your own success in life. Can you measure and increase your happiness at will? What is your ROI for life?

This program demonstrates a unique framework in defining success and measuring satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. This framework challenges each person to critically think about how to define success, using their own terms rather than simply accepting popular jargon without any personal meaning or ownership. Once success has been authentically defined by the individual, a construct is applied to further identify components required to achieve their own success. Inspired by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this construct clearly identifies and distinguishes the “Needs” and “Aspirations” to build functional equations to achieve satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness intentionally. This program shares how we can intentionally invest in creating our own satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness, keep track of it, and intentionally increase it over time.

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