Personal Brand Workshop 01: Research
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Personal Brand Workshop 01: Research

Workshop Schedule:

Thursdays from 6 pm – 8 pm

7 Sessions, Bi-weekly from 10/6/2016 to 12/29/2016


Workshop Fee:

$525 ($75 per session)


Our Approach to Personal Branding:

Every person is accountable for his or her success and happiness in life. We believe that everyone can find a more effective, efficient and meaningful path to their success and happiness by adopting the strategic processes corporate brands have been utilizing for years. Successful personal brands are created, tested and refined over time. There are many facets to creating an effective personal brand. Our proven methodology will guide you through creating and refining your personal brand.

Personal branding is strategically managing our personal and professional lives to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment with purpose. Discovering your personal brand can be one of the most fulfilling experiences you’ll ever endure but like anything else worth having, it takes serious dedication and commitment. Successful corporate brands invest time, money and resources to ensure their brands are effective and meaningful. Our methodology leverages the proven corporate branding process with customized approach to effectively manage the emotional aspects of personal branding.


Workshop Description: RESEARCH

This workshop is the first of 6 parts series in personal brand workshop program. In this workshop we will begin by developing a meaningful and effective research plan. Key stakeholders (friends, family members, colleagues, etc…) are identified and qualified to serve as participants for the qualitative survey. The in-depth survey is designed to gather the current perceptions of the workshop attendees’ personal brand on critical brand attributes from internal and external perspectives. The gathered outcome of the research will serve as the foundation for critical analyses in the ANALYSIS phase of the workshop.

Each session consists of lecture, discussion, peer mentoring, critical analyses and reflection. To ensure in-depth reflections and intimate discussions, the workshop is limited to 20 maximum attendees.