Intentional Leadership: Leading with authentic core values.

The functional skill sets and performance typically propel advancements towards leadership positions in today’s business world. While quantifiable metrics may serve as an effective measurement for one’s capability, the numbers do not show much about one’s capacity to lead. The functional skills required to produce results typically are based on “What” and “How”. An effective leadership requires two additional components; “Who” and “Why”. Managing a group of human beings to produce results is all about “What” the final number(s) the leadership expects and “How” quickly and cheaply the number(s) can be achieved. This creates a transactional and reactive culture. If it is all about the numbers, human beings are simply digits in this numerical equation that can be reduced, deleted, or replaced. Leading a group of human beings to engage, collaborate, create, produce, and improve the quality and quantity of the organization’s success requires authenticity and vulnerability from the leadership. The process is complex and may take longer but the outcome of empowered, engaged, satisfied, fulfilled, and happy human beings collaboratively working for collective success with shared ownership beats any extra steps or time. This program demonstrates how to practice vulnerability and authenticity to intentionally lead with core values to build a collaborative, empowered, collective, and thriving culture. The learning outcomes include:

  • An effective facilitation of genuine conversations to get to know “Who” each person is and learn about his/her core values, passion, strengths, and weaknesses.

  • Thorough discovery processes to identify the type of leadership the team, organization, and culture need and want.

  • Meaningful alignment of the personal brand values of each person and the core values of the organization to create a collective “Why” and shared ownership throughout the organization.

  • Building collaborative, effective, intentional, and empowering leadership strategy, process, and behavioral tactics.

  • Implementation, measurement, reflection, and refinement of the intentional leadership strategy.

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