Do you really understand Equity? Defining Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity with clarity and purpose.

There are plenty of discussions and initiatives around the topics of Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity(EID) in various contexts; social, political, socio-economic, racial, gender, age, disability, etc… Most companies, organizations, and initiatives are led with all three topics jumbled together or Diversity as the primary driver. Before tackling these very important topics, we must start with transparent and intentional discussions on the following; Inequity, Exclusion, and Exclusivity. The most effective path to developing relevant and meaningful solutions begins with a thorough study and analysis of the problems, not just reviewing the symptomatic evidence but digging in deep to truly understand the root causes. This program provides a framework demonstrating the linear relationship and inter-dependencies that exist among Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity. The EID framework serves as a solid premise to build meaningful strategies, develop effective process, define measurable outcomes, and cultivate shared ownership. The EID framework demonstrates the following:

Equity (WHY): This is the philosophical guiding principle and is prerequisite to Inclusion and Diversity. What is your organization's definition of Equity? How does it align with the core values, mission, and vision of your organization? Why is this important to your organization and your key stakeholders?

Inclusion (HOW): Inclusion is the way your organization practices Equity. What do processes and behaviors look when your organization cohesively, intentionally, and effectively practice Inclusion? How would you develop the process, tasks, outcomes, and metrics to successfully implement your Equity.

Diversity (WHAT): If your organization has clearly defined Equity and intentionally implemented Inclusion, the natural outcome will be Diversity. The result of Diversity is by strategic design with meaningful purpose. If an organization leads with Diversity, the result will be simply quantity driven data to check off boxes. It will not cultivate sustainable and healthy culture.

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