Overcome “Us vs. Them” mentality by building bridges instead of walls.

Is your services team disconnected from your sales team? And vice versa? Do team members of various minority status face adversities? How diverse is your team? Is your organization diverse for the sake of diversity? Has an “Us vs. Them” mentality in your organization create a divisive culture and detrimental outcomes? Are HR and management forced to act as referees or a peacemakers?

Why do people subscribe to “Us vs Them” mindset? Is it because of our differences? Is it because the sales team want different results as the services team? This program challenges how we conventionally think about the topic of “Diversity and Inclusion”. Our differences do not have to divide us. When our differences are tolerated, we collectively produce sub-par outcomes. When our differences are accepted, we are merely meeting status quo. However, when our differences are genuinely appreciated, we thrive. We can build cohesive teams and inclusive culture when we openly and intentionally appreciate our differences. This program demonstrates insightful and practical perspective on creating a thriving organizational culture through bridging the gap among the inter-departmental differences and authentically manage “Diversity and Inclusion” initiative.

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