Unleash your authentic confidence!

There are 2 types of confident people in the world; those who possess authentic confidence and those who don’t. The authentic confidence is gained through self-discovery, awareness, and reflection. These people are also keenly aware of their weaknesses and practice vulnerability by openly sharing their weaknesses. They operate from a place of love and growth mindset. Those with faux confidence behave in ways to protect their weaknesses, insecurity, and vulnerability. They are often offensive and defensive, as they operate from a place of fear and fixed mindset. Authentic confidence may come from many places, experiences, and people. This program utilizes personal branding analytical tools to gather and study historical data through our personal journey to understand where our strengths, weaknesses, fear, and love come from. The analyses show the origin of our strengths and love. Some were simply inherited by winning genetic lottery and some are earned through hard work, grit, and hustle. The causes for our weaknesses are also analyzed. Who planted the fear and insecurity in our minds and hearts? Where and when did we accrue our emotional baggage and trigger points? This engaging program opens up the symbiotic and complex relationships between love & fear and strength & weakness. Only when we bravely tackle the Yin and Yang nature of these inner traits, we can derive at recognizing and owning our authentic confidence. The personal branding analyses utilized in this program includes:

  • 360 perception analysis

  • SWOT analysis

  • Environmental analysis

  • Audience analysis

  • Inner voices/thought analysis

  • Personal Brand balance sheet

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