Compelling and Intentional Communication.

The ability to communicate your thoughts effectively is an essential life skill. It’s not just a technical skill to be successful at work nor it’s just a soft skill to maintain a healthy relationship at home. Intentionally communicating your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, counter arguments, stories, and observations is critical in both personal and professional life. Analytically developing the content of your communication comes first. Strategically prioritizing and designing the story arc, rhythm, and flow based on the audience comes second. Next, select the most effective and meaningful vehicle of communication; speech, conversation, slides, video, audio, combinations of these vehicles, etc… During execution of these communication vehicles, practice hyper-consciousness to read the non-verbal cues from your audience and pivot and refine your communication in real time. This program examines the common pitfalls and fears of communication on all levels; from one-on-one conversations to public speaking. There is no such thing as a simple 5 steps to become a successful communicator. Various strategies and tactics are discussed and evaluated to ensure each person intentionally selects the most effective strategy for him/herself and their audience. This program demonstrates the fine art and science of compelling and intentional communication by empowering each person to develop their own brand of communication strategy.

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